An index of my lab experiments

Please note: many of these experiments have not been tested for cross-browser support.

Turmites 2015

a simple turmite and cellular automata simulator with the ability share creations

Flora 2015

a differential growth simulator inspired by this post on generative design and by this compilation of grown structures

Streamline 2015

a vector field simulator inspired by this earth windmap and by this Starry Night interactive animation

Flock 2014

a 3D modular flocking algorithm for HTML5 Canvas where rules are defined for the simulation in a clean and modular manner, such that additional rules may be easily added

Tesselate 2014

a basic tile map editor for sprite-based games

Fractl 2013

a fractal generator using Lindenmayer systems for HTML5 canvas

Particle Playground 2013

a two-dimensional n-body particle simulator and sandbox

Calc 2013

a simple online calculator and math parser designed for small viewports, and therefore will work best on a mobile device

PolyPass 2013

a password generator using Shamir’s Shared Secret algorithm inspired by a post on DataGenetics

Attract 2011

a 3D strange attractor generator and viewer in WebGL, used to teach myself about 3D rendering with WebGL

Plot.js 2011

a naïve Javascript equation grapher I created early in high school

JS3D 2011

an extremely simple and limited Javascript 3D renderer in HTML5 canvas I wrote as an early exploration of graphics pipelines