Hey, I'm Maxwell.

I am a student and technophile. I design and develop websites, apps, and other digital media. Much of my time is spent obsessing over the small details on my experiments, but I do enjoy photography and indie games.

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Active & published lab experiments

Streamline 2015

a vector field simulator inspired by this earth windmap and by this Starry Night interactive animation

Fractl 2013

a fractal generator using Lindenmayer systems for HTML5 canvas

Particle Playground 2013

a two-dimensional n-body particle simulator and sandbox

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Professional projects & designs

Tetris 2016


A friend and I created a Tetris clone for a class final project as a demonstration of fluency in (basic) Java graphics programming.

EvntQ 2015

Meteor, MongoDB, Spotify API, Node.js, JS, LESS

EvntQ is a service to allow a group of people to act as a collective DJ at an event. It allows users to request and to vote on songs to add to the current playlist.

QuickHAC Chrome App 2014

HTML, JS, CSS, Sass, TypeScript, scraping, AngularJS, Chrome Extension
peak usage
5000 active users

Tool for students to quickly access their grades